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Paras brothers exclusively signed contract with GMA 7, Teng Brothers for ABS-CBN network?

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Paras brothers and Teng Brothers

After all two brothers were not narrow- minded in entering the showbiz especially in their previous exposure.

Again, history repeats itself the basketball players are now on the show. There was a time that the players of the said sports were not only seen on the basketball court. Also they are the one’s of the stared players in the movie film. This was the time of Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codiñera and Benjie Paras whom the only one actively performing basketball actor.

However, the Paras brothers were different in the sense of their fate because at first they were controversial with their relationship on their mother who's Jackie Forsters. They were also very outspoken in terms of their feelings and emotions against their mother.

On the other hand, the Teng brothers don't have that kind of issue if the fight were in basketball especially during the last championship game in UAAP.

Absolutely right that being famous in the field of basketball is not enough to be praised and admired. They should be possessed by a bunch of talents and unique aptitudes in order for them to stay in showbiz.

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